About Lily

Hello! My name is Lily, I’m seventeen years old, and this is my blog. I am currently living in Germany as a Rotary Youth Exchange Student. I am attending school here, and one of my goals is learning the language… But it’s also about trying to learn as much as I can about Germany and its culture. (By which I mean eating all the food. -What better way to assimilate into a culture?)

I am from America, most recently Texas (Austin). (I’ve also lived in New Hampshire, Louisiana, and South Africa (Pretoria!!)) I like good music, good food, and good books. One of my favorite parts about the city I live in—Kiel—is the propinquity of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. I love living by the water! My middle name is Sunshine (yes, it actually is), I own a pair of cowboy boots but don’t say y’all, I love being with people, and I am so excited that you’re here, reading my blog. :D

I’m so thankful for the amazing opportunity that this year is and will be! I feel passionate about exchange and language and cultures and people, and you… If you have an questions about youth exchange, Rotary, Germany, the USA, or anything… Please do not hesitate to ask!


Lily Sunshine

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